Meet Mark Witherite

Mark W.

As have many of us, I’ve had dreams and ideas from a young age that I knew I would pursue. I worked for several years as a marketing representative, which was a stepping stone on the way towards creating my own business. I decided that I belonged outdoors, not in an office or at a desk. I took a big step and launched my own landscape maintenance company.

This was yet another stepping stone towards starting my current business, Tight Access Excavating, which is now more than 25 years old.

The weather in the Pacific Northwest can cause issues with landscapes and lawns. Seed or sod often will not grow, lawns will literally be drowned by excess water, and other, similar, problems can occur. I explored not only the causes of these various issues, but also ways to alleviate them or prevent them from occurring in the first place.

I found that, among others, the most common culprits are the presence of hard clay in this area, improper grading, inadequate drainage or, worse, no drainage at all. Using the correct type of topsoil is critical. A blend that contains sandy loam, screened topsoil and sand, works best overall. Flowers, grass and even your vegetable garden will thrive in this 3-way mixture. Satisfied with these solutions, I put my experience to use. I realized that powered equipment would not only make my job these much easier, but would also result in a better outcome for my clients. After selling my landscaping company, I purchased my first track hoe excavator. As a kid, I remember being fascinated with these machines. I now owned one and taught myself how to use it! Over time, difficult projects became easier as I gained knowledge and experience. I’ve been able to purchase more equipment, expand my business and increase the number of services I provide, all of which will ultimately benefit you, the client. I have found that I can do anything I set out to accomplish.

Give me a call at 503.209.5003, or fill out my online application. I’ll be happy to give you a personal consultation.